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Fix It Felix Jr Outfit

I know this hasn't got anything to do with arcade or repairs, but I still the urge to...HEY wait a minute, this actually DOES have a lot to do with both arcade and repair };-P

The whole family was invited to a costume party at my sister in law. However couldn't decide on what to wear. But the day before the party, when I was at the movies with my oldest son to see Wreck It Ralph, it struck me: I'm gonna be Fix It Felix Jr  };-P

So I spend 1½hrs with what I could find in the house and a hotglue gun, and this is the result!

I Can Fix It!


  1. Anonymous18/2/13 02:27

    Enjoyable read regarding your recent repair articles.

    Very intuitive and methodical, well done - love the 'Fix It' photo. Best regards.