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My own software for Top2005+ programmer

I have an Top2005+, and anyone that tried TopWin6 (the software that comes with it) knows that it stinks...so I'm currently writing my own in C# with LibUsbDotNet based on OpenSchemes brillant backward engineering work.

But as I don't know hoot about writing code for FPGAs (using ie VERILOG), I'm just using a simple bitstream designed for "bit-bashing" (the ictest.bit described in the article) and implementing all bitmanipulation, algorithms etc. in C#, just sending the raw pin assignments to the Top2005+.
This is ofcause not very fast, but I'm going for high flexibility and making it easy to support new EPROMs, TTLs, SRAMS, ect. rather than speed (it's not like I'm going to program 100+ roms on a daily basis...};-P).

(Don't worry, when I have something just a little nicer than my current prototyping code, I'll publish a project on GoogleCode or something like that for all of you to enjoy };-P).

Old/small EPROMs, say 2732, are programmed with the classic algorithm which goes something like this:
1. Set programming pin to Vpp and chip-enable to disabled.
2. Set address and data pins to the desired values.
3. Enable chip-enable pin for 50ms.
4. Advance address and data values and goto 2. until whole EPROM is programmed.
5. Do a verify pass comparing the EPROM to the data file/buffer.

When I look at data sheets for large/new EPROMs, say 272048, they only describe various kinds of fast algorithms.

But is it still possible to program these large EPROMs using the classic algorithm, even though it'll be very much slower (remember I go for flexibility and simplicity over speed)?

Google haven't been very helpful; hope you guys might be };-P

And now here I could use some help you guys. Please post a comment if you know anything, have links etc.
Thnx in advance...


  1. hello! I can't post any link or give you much support because I'm quite ignorand over this matter but... you have a lot of effort and I hope you will success in improving your top2005+ daily use! I have bought one of these programmers as well, and it will arrive in some days (I hope)!
    I need to ask you a suggestion but... I don't know if you have time and patience to answer me... May I? Thanks :)

    1. Try me };-P
      And remember to subscribe...